Download CODM Apk + OBB v1.0.10 (Latest 2020)

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Download CODM Apk v1.0.10 For Android or IOS

The CODM Apk is launching for Android and IOS devices on October 1. Call of Duty Mobile beta launched before this year for selected countries only. COD Mobile Apk will officially launch for all regions in the whole world just a week but for those who can’t wait can start playing it now.

Introducing CODM Apk for Android:

Yes, there’s an APK version of CODM available for Android users. The heat is growing among the Android gamers on the grounds that the Fortnite and the PUBG FPS games have been released and it has reached the CODM Apk for Android. Here is the COD Mobile Apk Download and Install information on any Android phone. Currently, it is released global and reachable to everyone.

Interested users can download the CODM APK file of Call of Duty Mobile from our site the download link is in the middle and end of the post. Note that APK is secure and can’t be harmful to you and works properly on your phone or emulator. APK files of apps and games come with risks since it’s not the official version from Google Play Store.

Activision, the writer of COD Mobile game, in collaboration with Tencent Games, has released Call of Duty Mobile worldwide, it’s present-day first-person shooter sport for the Android and iOS platforms. Well, this looks to be the proper time as the world has already witnessed the recognition of Fortnite and PUBG games indifferent to the CODM Apk.

However, those who’ve understood the risks can go ahead and download it. Simply search for CODM APK and allow access to Google Chrome for “Unknown Sources” and Install the CODM APK to your phone. Once the permission is granted, the CODM APK file will start downloading. After the CODM APK file is downloaded, open the file and launch the game.

Activision has already teased and confirmed what’s new updates coming on COD Mobile. Players will enjoy the game and new GUI experience about the original Call of Duty Mobile APK, with new maps, iconic maps, and characters. There will be many modes available like multiplayer modes as well where players can play the game with teams of four, two or go solo, etc.

About CODM Gameplay:

CODM Apk is the brand new, standalone cell title that features a series of the following: fan-favorite maps, competitive sport modes, familiar characters, and signature weapons, which is borrowed from Call of Duty Mobile Black Ops and CODM Modern Warfare, making it an epic experience.

Maps like Nuketown, Crossfire, Hijacked and Crash will be available on CODM Apk. The battle royal mode on COD Mobile can support up to 100 players at the same time. Players will also be able to unlock and use characters like John “Soap” MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley as they rank up. Weapons on CODM can be picked up by players as they play the game.

COD Mobile is a multiplayer recreation that comes with one of a kind maps and modes.

COD Mobile

Well, the introduction will no longer be sufficient for these who don’t comprehend COD Mobile and it is now not at all integral for these who have already played it.

Installing the Call of Duty Mobile Apk app on Android now not straight ahead and requires a little manual work. So let’s simply take a seem at how to download and installation the CODM APK on Android.


Name of the Game Call of Duty Mobile APK
Developer Activision Publishing, Inc.
OS Platform Android
Supported OS version Android 4.0.3 and higher
Game APK Size 73.9 MB
Game version 1.0.9
Release date? September 30th, 2019

Download CODM Apk + OBB

Today’s version of Call of Duty Mobile Apk used to be launched on September 30th, 2019. The present-day launch has the following updates:

  • Released worldwide
  • Various BUG fixes and optimizations

Call of Duty Mobile APK + OBB Download for Android:

How to Install and play CODM Game on Android:

  • Copy APK and OBB Data into your phone.
  • Install the APK into your phone.
  • After Complete the installation, Start the Installed Game. The game will complete loading and start within a few seconds.
  • Close the game. You can also force stop the game and confirmed that the process game has been killed.
  • Copy the additional OBB Data (990.2 MB) onto your phone.
  • Extract the OBB Data to /Android/obb/com.activision.callofduty.shooter.
  • Now Start the game and play. Enjoy!

Call of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile Which is Better?

Call of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile game has been released now many people are comparing PUBG and CODM Apk games which is better and I have already played these games and these games are really amazing.


So, I find CODM a bit realistic and smooth as compared to PUBG Mobile if you play in full graphics also it looks like a cartoon character so I won’t give 8 points to PUBG and 8.5 to Call of Duty Mobile Apk both of the games are very good in graphics but I want to give point five more to Call of Duty Mobile Apk in terms of graphics.


Concept both of the games have amazing concept but I found PUBG has a unique concepts normally games are army based if we associate with the gun that is army based game here is nothing new but in PUBG Mobile Apk we hang a new concept in battle if it were him without army without uniform that is a new concept I will give 9 to PUBG and 8.5 to CODM Apk.


Gameplay COD Mobile is restricted in some cases there is no flexibility in-game but in PUBG there is flexibility in gameplay in terms of control if you want to show a skill you must play PUBG because you need to show more skilled in PUBG while Playing if we talk about gameplay I want to give 9.5 to PUBG and 8 to Call of Duty Mobile Apk.


If we see the control of PUBG again PUBG has better control yes you can change the control according to your need but I found better control in PUBG as compared to call of duty so I will keep 9 to PUBG and 7 to Call of Duty Mobile Apk.


You can find 1.1 GB file size in Call of Duty and 1.8 GB file size in PUBG that means approximately 2 GB so I want to give it to PUBG and 8.5 to COD Mobile.


PUBG is a very good game revolutionary game in the field of gaming community I think no one can take layers of PUBG because PUBG is a very unique game and preliminary game that we cannot find in other game and taught me about Call of Duty Mobile it is also very nice to try to upgrade army based game I can’t say about to call a beauty there is slightly different in PUBG and CODM.

How to Play and Install And Run Call of Duty Mobile on PC or MAC?

game loop

How to Download Install and Play COD Mobile on the PC or MAC. Now, this is a 100% official method I am using the official emulator made by Tencent the company that makes Call of Duty online.

  1. You need Official Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator.
  2. Click on Download Game Loop and download it.
  3. Save the file where you want.
  4. Wait until download complete.
  5. Go To the location where you save the file.
  6. Double click on “Game Loop.exe” file and open it.
  7. Allow “YES” to continue the installation.
  8. Click “NEXT” and follow normal installation steps.
  9. Go To “Desktop” and open open “Game Loop” Shortcut icon.
  10. Now you need to do some Wait while some Extra files are not completely downloaded.
  11. Now search “Call of Duty Mobile” on the Search icon.
  12. Type “Call of Duty” Hit Enter.
  13. Download the “Call of Duty Mobile”.
  14. After the download completes, it’s “automatically installed”.
  15. Click on “Play” Buton.
  16. Enjoy!

Which are the Best Android Emulators for Play CODM And PUBG Mobile?

There are the list of some Popular Android Emulators for Playing Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile and many other android games on PC.

  1. Tencent’s Game Loop
  2. Ko Player
  3. Nox App Player
  4. Memu Play
  5. BlueStacks 3
  6. Remix OS

All of those emulators are pretty similar so for this article we will mainly focus on three sides to rank the emulators.

  • Interface
  • OS Version
  • Performance

1. Official Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator For PC

game loop

Tencent is the business enterprise behind one of the nice war royale video games we can download for Android: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, additionally known as PUBG. It’s labored fine on a 32bit/64bit Operating machine Like Windows 7,8 and 10. Tencent is the organization at the back of one of the satisfactory war royale video games we can download PUBG offline installer: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also recognized as PUBG.

PUBG Mobile New Update v1.0.9 is equipped for fun Now. Royals Pass Season 9 will bring greater features. The most famous Android emulator with hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. Easy to win. More Popular Games. Easy Setup. Smooth Control. Now CODM on PC is reachable in Gameloop. Keymapping is identical to PUBG.

The PC Emulator For Tencent’s Games

For the time being, there’s no such component as a PC model of PUBG Mobile however we can get keep of this emulator that this Chinese development studio is supplying any consumer that desires to play for free this action-packed title on a pc besides having to download an emulator of the likes of BlueStacks, on the one hand, and the APK on the other.

Download Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator For PC

It’s an Android emulator for PC with plenty of preferences to install and run video games in our collection, presenting us access to the specific settings and configuration of the latter such as graphics, movies or controls (it’s compatible with both keyboards and gamepads).

The sole downside is that, for the time being, Tencent Gaming Buddy, which is the title of this development, solely gives us the possibility to play PUBG Mobile even though we assume it to provide extra Tencent video games in the future.

About Tencent’s Emulator, What’s New & Bug Fixes

Get the latest version of Tencent Gaming Buddy. Play your preferred cellular sport on PC with Game loop – Tencent Gaming Buddy Low Size: Just 10 MB. Trending Games. Free and Simple. Android Emulator.

Without a doubt, Tencent Games is one of the most distinguished corporations in the cellular gaming industry. However, can you bet the problem for Windows users? That’s right, the games are notably mobile only.

But that’s where Tencent’s Game Loop comes in. This Android emulator is designed solely for gaming and approves Windows users to surely play the games on their devices. So, rest assured, thanks to this available invention you will be able to experience the likes of Piano King and PUBG Mobile from your Windows machine.

Key points include:

  • Android Emulator.
  • Available in Chinese & English.
  • Great usability.
  • It allows better gameplay.
  • Specifically created for Tencent Games.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Failed to log in. Please Try again Twitter
  • Fixed Facebook Log in Error
  • Fixed Free Fire Mic Not Working
  • increased in-game search
  • Fix the startup problem of The Emulator
  • Optimize the local language of the login interface

Tencent’s Game Loop Emulator Minimum Requirement:

Operating System: Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-8100
Memory: 4 GB RAM (6 GB virtual RAM)
Graphics: Direct X 11.0+ supported (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 recommended)
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 2 GB available storage It’s enormously simple to use too; with many complimenting its fast and effortless setup process. Moreover, it boasts a plethora of settings and configurations – permitting you to further customize your gaming experience.

2. Ko Player

ko player

I am pretty sure that most of you don’t know about it that’s why it’s not that Ko Player is popular but it’s working alright the interface did it looks that cool and also it runs at Android KitKat.

So that’s also a big problem for playing new games because some of the new games didn’t support the KitKat version but also it works pretty well if you don’t care about the interface and the version.

I mean I don’t use it too much but I have played some games on it and it’s didn’t lag even a little bit in high graphics games and also it runs pretty fast so if you don’t care about the version and interface then you can use this.

Ko Player Minimum Requirements:

RAM: at least 2Gb of RAM required.
Processor/CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-Core
HDD/Storage: At least 10Gb required.
GPU/Graphics: at least OpenGL 2.1.
Windows/OS: Windows
7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Ubuntu

3. Nox App Player

nox app player

The nox app player is the emulator I have used most at the time in my life. I mean back in a day I used to play a lot of COC in it but I put this in number four because it’s not good for big and high graphics games.

I mean you can play any small and medium-sized games pretty smooth but in some big games, it legs so if you want to game on it then it’s not the best choice for you but it has two Android versions KitKat in the lollipop. I am using the lollipop one because it looks better and also the interface is really really good it has a few themes.

So you choose which you like and that’s the thing I most liked about it it looks very similar with an Android tablet and also you get some extra facilities with it like it allows to take screenshot and record screen so if you don’t play too many big games then you can just use it.

Nox App Player Minimum Requirements:

RAM: at least 2Gb of RAM required.
Processor/CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-Core
HDD/Storage: At least 10Gb required.
GPU/Graphics: at least OpenGL 2.1.
Windows/OS: Windows
7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Ubuntu

4. Memu Play

memu play

The menu play is a really good emulator if you have high-end PC but it nothing also it’s gonna works quite smooth for you it looks really good and it also has two versions of it KitKat and lollipop as always I am using the lollipop because it supports all the games and also it pretty good for gaming too but for using it you need at least 4 gigabytes RAM.

I am pretty sure most of you have more than that so if you have a high-end PC then must use this emulator because it’s really good for almost everything it comes with a built-in screen recorder and that’s quality is really good so with that you can play games and record that at the same time so if you have a high-end PC then must use this software.

Memu Play Minimum Requirements:

RAM: at least 2Gb of RAM required. 1 GB Free System Memory.
Processor/CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-Core Processor (with must have Virtualization Technology )
HDD/Storage: At least 10Gb required.
GPU/Graphics: at least OpenGL 2.1.
Windows/OS: Windows
7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Ubuntu

5. BlueStacks 3

bluestacks 3

BlueStacks 3 the favorite emulator of a lot of you but let’s be honest I have never been a great fan of BlueStacks 3 just for its bad performance but after using BlueStacks 3.

I just forced to change the list because it runs absolutely without any lag and it’s very fast too I mainly suggest it for low-end PC because most of you already know that this is a potato PC I am using and at this time.

I am recording video it runs absolutely amazing but I don’t like the themes of it and it also runs an Android KitKat but. I hope soon they will be released the lollipop version of it but that doesn’t make sense it can run any games really smooth even and low-end PC so if you have a low-end PC then I will highly suggest you use BlueStacks.

BlueStacks 3 Minimum Requirements:

RAM: at least 2Gb of RAM required.
Processor/CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-Core
HDD/Storage: At least 10Gb required.
GPU/Graphics: At least OpenGL 2.1.
Windows/OS: Windows
7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Ubuntu

6. Remix OS

remix os

The Remix OS is not only an Android emulator it’s also an Android operating system for computers with this at the same time you can’t use Windows and Android operating systems both but that’s the thing.

I most liked it because the Windows doesn’t run in the background so the Android runs very smooth a lot of Windows tablet are also using this operating system. I can definitely say that it runs 2x faster than any other emulator gaming and multitasking is a different experience on it it looks and works very similar with Windows 10 it’s really really fast super cool looking and has version 4 marshmallow and Android Nougat.

So, I didn’t find any disadvantages in using this software. I can highly recommend this for any PC no matter it is high-end or low-end.

Remix OS Minimum Requirements:

RAM: at least 4Gb of RAM required.
Processor/CPU: Intel or AMD Dual-Core
HDD/Storage: At least 8 Gb to 16Gb required.
GPU/Graphics: At least OpenGL 2.1.
Windows/OS: Windows
7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Ubuntu

Call of duty Mobile Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What is Call of Duty Mobile?

COD Mobile is a Survival video game that is launched for Android and IOS.

2. Is this available for all regions?

Yes, Now it is launched for all regions.

3. What is TDM Mode in CODM?

TDM is a Team Deathmatch, this is a team-based multiplayer within two teams and one team is won who gets 40 points first.

4. Is this official COD Mobile APK?

Yes, This is the official APK for android.

5. Is this Support IOS Platform?

Yes, This is Available for Apple IOS.

6. What is the Minimum Requirement of Device Specification for IOS?

In IOS CODM Support at least 2 GB of RAM and running IOS 9.0 or higher.

7. What is the Minimum Requirement of Device Specification for Android?

In IOS CODM Support at least 2 GB of RAM and running OS 5.1 or higher.


CODM and PUBG both are popular android games they have a lot of fans and lots of downloads within a short time.

These games are top-rated and top downloaded games in the play store. But if we compare both games some things are best in pubg and some things are best in CODM.

Both games are good but if anyone wants to play these games on PC, they must have an emulator. Because there is not any other way to play android games in PC.

GameLoop Emulator is the best emulator for all kind of android games, Gameloop Emulator is the less size and runs android games smoothly.

GameLoop Emulator is the way to play android games on PC. GameLoop Emulator have many extra options and features which makes the gameplay more smoothly.

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